Ciranda Bracelet in Sterling Silver and Green Enamel

Bracelet Size:
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We designed the CIRANDA bracelet with Prasi links in sterling silver and a green enamel finish.
The sterling silver and green enamel combination adds a touch of elegance and surprise.
Prasi will use part of the sales to build a computer lab in partnership with the Redes da Maré project.

Product Details

34,3g sterling silver and Green enamel

Size guide
S - 12,6 cm circumference + 3 cm opening
M - 12,8 cm circumference + 3,6 cm opening
L - 13 cm circumference + 4 cm opening

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Introducing Prasi's new creation: the Ciranda Bracelet

With the strength of silver and the hope of green, Ciranda has links whose objective is to create a circle, which is only completed when you use it. And we are hand in hand with Redes da Maré in this project.

One of the most serious civil society organizations, nationally and internationally awarded, which works in several areas - especially Education - to implement the rights of the population of the set of 16 communities in Maré, where more than 140 thousand people live.