Jacarandá Ring with Orange Citrine and Pink Tourmaline

White Gold
Citrine and Pink Tourmaline
14 - 16mm (diameter)
16 - 17mm (diameter)

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"Jacarandá, whose exquisite Tupi_Guarani etimology brings the character of its hardness and even fragrance to its spelling mystique is the inspiration behind this family. This name became synonimous with a transformation of hard matter into the beautiful flight of Brazilian designed objects."

This ring combines two different stones to form a new bicolor gem. One of the stones is a orange Citrine, and the other pink Tourmaline.

Product Details

10,9g 18k white gold
1 princess cut pink tourmaline and orange citrine with approximately 6.9ct
2 diamonds in a total of 0.4ct GH VS1

*As they are natural gemstones, they are subject to color change

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