Saudade Signet Ring Special Edition

Ring Size:
9 - 14.5mm (diameter)
10 - 15mm (diameter)
11 - 15.5mm (diameter)

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“Saudade” means a feeling of longing, desire, love, and nostalgia typically characteristic of the Brazilian temperament. It describes a deep emotional state; a word said to exist only in Portuguese.

The classic signet ring has inspired the Saudade ring. A signet ring originally had markings that identified the specific person or the family of the person wearing it. PRASI uses Brazilian stones to identify and represent the brand's heritage with the country.

Product Details

8,2g 18k yellow gold
1 oval cut orange Citrine with approximately 2.4ct / 1 oval cut Amethyst with approximately 2.4ct

*As they are natural gemstones, they are subject to color change

*PRASI pieces made with 100% reused gold will carry our recycling symbol stamp. This is a way of strengthening and sharing our commitment to a more sustainable world with our customers.

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