Designed by Brazilians Helena Sicupira and Mariana Prates, PRASI is a fine jewelry brand that resulted from the marriage between classic goldsmith techniques and the Brazilian cultural multiplicity present in the designers' identities. The brand has advanced traditional Italian craftsmanship in order to create refined and vibrant jewels with a unique aesthetic.

Inspired by the sinuosity of Brazil’s robust nature, the brand transcends a strong personality. Elegant and modern, PRASI is composed of hand made gold pendants, chains, rings and earrings with precious stones that are dynamic to be worn from day to night, making it an exceptional statement piece.

Yellow, green, rose and white gold are all studied for the most beautiful effect. Links weaved together make exquisitely handmade bicolor gold chains that yield to the contours of the neck they encircle, falling at the front to hold tricolor pendants encased  in sensuous curves. All pieces are soft-finished with clean, rounded lines just like in the wood of exceptional Brazilian furniture of the 1960s.

Gold jewelry has set the standard for ages. PRASI’s passion for gold and the predominant use of this metal casts its luster throughout the brand's collections. The jewels are handcrafted in a work that originally was done only by special goldsmiths called scatolai in Italy. Such work consists of a very special technical skill that was imported to Italy at the beginning of the 1900s. It results in a mosaic of contrasting color gold plates that creates patterns and prints on the pieces for a distinctive and  exclusive design.

PRASI’s love for Brazilian modern design has been infused into the brand’s jewelry. The philosophy underpinning its conception was inspired by people who pointed the way to modern architecture and art in the country by creating timeless works.

Rio de Janeiro-born friends Helena and Mariana have long shared a passion for fine jewelry, and wanted to turn their vision into a reality.  They work to integrate beauty, quality, and history into the jewelry, so as to create items that can keep their significance over time. Helena studied Industrial Design and graduated from Studio Berçot in Paris.  At a very young age, she founded a women’s fashion label called Etoiles. Mariana worked in the fashion industry for a decade before launching her loungewear label, Paul & Mary.

PRASI is designed in Brazil and produced in Italy and Brazil.

  1. Untitled work from the 1960s by Brazilian modernist artist Mira Schendel
  2. Rocking chaise longue with cane seat by Joaquim Tenreiro, 1947
  3. River in the Brazilian Amazon
  4. Poolside with Slim Aarons, 1975
  5. Oscar Niemeyer’s sinuosity in a sketch of Copan building
  1. / 7. Copacabana landscape by Kourken Pakchanian, US Vogue December 1973
  2. Duda Cavalcanti in a photo shoot at Heitor dos Prazeres’s house in Santa Teresa, RJ, 1964, made by Otto Stupakoff in celebration of the country’s first fashion photograph
  3. Sergio Rodrigues, the Brazilian furniture designer who revolutionized local aesthetics, in a photo shoot of the historical Mole sofa, Leblon, 1958
  4. 18k gold bar
  5. Tropicália, the 1967 work by artist Hélio Oiticica that gave rise to the name of the cultural movement
  6. MAC museum in Rio, designed by Oscar Niemeyer
  1. Painter Ivan Serpa's Mangueira series from 1970
  2. Lifeguard tower in Ipanema, a 1976 project by Rio de Janeiro-born architect Sérgio Bernardes
  3. Duda Cavalcanti, pioneer girl of Ipanema on the beach wearing a soccer team jersey
  4. Model Duda Cavalcanti in a T-shirt, photographed by then boyfriend Otto Stupakoff on the beach, 1958
  5. Benjamin armchair, the last creation by Brazilian designer Sergio Rodrigues